Why Security Gateway Hosted Services

Developed by MDaemon Technologies, an email industry pioneer, Security Gateway's email threat detection technology has been protecting email servers from viruses, spam, phishing, data loss and other threats for over 20 years. Simply put, companies trust our expertise to help keep email communications safe.

We protect all email platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and others. Let our team of email security experts take the headache out of managing your company's email security needs.

Protect Your Email from Threats (External and Internal)

Security Gateway uses the latest email threat detection technology and policy enforcement tools to keep good emails flowing to and from your users. The Security Gateway cloud service can be deployed quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Watch a short video to learn about some of the Security Gateway features.

Email Threat Detection

We use a variety of technologies and methods to detect and prevent malware before they reach the user's inbox.

Data Leak Prevention

Enforce policies to stop emails from leaving your organization that may contain sensitive employee, financial or confidential information.

Administrative Flexibility

Flexible domain or user level management, private account options and detailed reporting and logs provide for easy management of email traffic.

Email Continuity

Keep emails flowing even if your server goes down to help user productivity.

Easy User Quarantine Options

Reports sent directly to a user's inbox for action [removing] the need for administrative involvement in finding lost messages.

Expert Support 24/7

Your Security Gateway service is managed by a team of experts who understand email deliverability and security.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "The spam protection works great!"
  • Muhammad Bilal
  • Email Administrator
  • "One of the best features of SecurityGateway is the detailed logging"
  • AJ Stadlin
  • IT Administrator
  • "The Tech Support Team is second to none."
  • Kevin Blackmer
  • IT Administration